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THCB + Delta-8 Goliath 2G Pods – 2 Pack

Additional Product Information

    • Suggested Use: Remove pods from their packaging. Install the pod by inserting it into the top of a Goliath battery device and pressing it until it clicks into place and is flush. Inhale to activate. Increase the dose in increments to achieve the desired effect.
    • Ingredients: Delta-8 THC, Delta-8 THC Live Resin, Delta-6 THC, HXY11-THC, THC-P, THC-B, & Terpenes.
    • Size: 2g | 2mL
    • Device: Sold Separately. The Goliath Starter Kit is required to use these pods.
    • Note: PODS are disposable

Goliath Duo Pods Flavor Profiles

  • London Pound Cake: Sweet Lemon and Vanilla
  • Hawaiian Snow: Pineapple, Tropical, and Sweet
  • Berry Blue: Fresh Blueberry


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