Elyxr Delta 8 Disposable Vape 1 Gram (1000mg)

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Delta 8 Vape Pen Disposable

2018 Farm Bill compliant Delta 8 Disposables. Amazing taste and top of the line terpene profiles. Equipped with a 1 mL (1g) tank with a fully charged 280mAh battery built in. Each draw delivers a strong sense of ease and balance. Pause, puff, and keep motivating with Elyxr Disposables. 


Blackberry Chill: Delivers a calming state of mind and a buzz feeling. Gives a taste of creamy berries with a sweet berry smell.

Skywalker OG: Will have your head-in-the-clouds with a euphoric high. This happy strain is citrusy and earthy.

Elyxr OG: This strawberry flavored strain guarantees ate make you relaxed and sleepy. It also has a sweet berry aroma. 

Mochi: Sweet and fruity in flavor, will help you reach a deep calm with a creative state of mind.

Tigers Blood: Has a mix of sweet and spicy herbal flavors. Super potent high surely to put you to sleep.

Tahoe: Great for a rainy day in after a calming sensation over comes you. Tahoe has an earthy flavor and aroma. 

ZKITTLEZ: This sweet strain will leave you focused, alert, and happy. 

Green Crack: Great strain for an uplifting high with an energy boost, has a delicious citrus flavor and smell.

Straw Jack: Delicious fruity flavor, offers a soothing high and gets your creative juices flowing. 

Pineapple Express: Tastes and smells like pineapple, great energetic buzz.

Blue Dream: Gives a calming and euphoric feeling. Smells and tastes like berries.

Train Wreck: Offers a surge of happiness and creativity with combined flavors of sweet lemon and spicy pine.

AK-47: If a relaxing mellow high is what you’re looking for, then AK-47 is the strain for you. Its earthy taste and aroma is soothing.  

Star Fruit: Promises a calming and chill high without the anxiety. It contains a fruity and lemony taste along with a sour aroma.

Key Lime Pie: Very sweet and candy-like flavor mixed with lime with an equally sweet aroma, guaranteed to relax and heighten creativity and focus

Raspberry Lemonade: Tastes of sweet lemon with a hint of berry, this strain leaves you feeling relaxed and functional. 

Cookies: Very sweet and nutty, will have you relaxed and hungry.

Purple Dream: Delivers a strong mood boost with a creative spark. Tastes of berries, flower and pine trees.

Sour Apple: Leaves you feeling very relaxed and energetic with a sweet and earthy taste. 

Sunset Sorbet: Dessert-like flavor with a candy aroma, relives stress and tension. Perfect for relaxing.

Zookies: Promises to keep you level-headed while it is potent, flavor of sweet and nutty cookies.


Ingredients: Hemp Derived D8 Oil & Natural Terpenes.


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